About Japan Environmental Science Laboratory


Since its establishment, Japan Institute of Environmental Sciences (JIES) has been working on research and development for “building an environment where people can coexist with nature,” which is JIES’s philosophy.
It has been more than twenty years since its establishment, and there has been some change in people’s awareness of the environmental problems, and the development of environment-friendly products has come to be taken as a matter of course. Meanwhile, people’s lifestyles and ways of thinking have diversified, and the requirements for reaching the goal of “building an environment where people can coexist with nature” are wide-ranging.
Japan Institute of Environmental Sciences does not belong to any specific organs or organizations, but people from various fields and positions have gotten together and are engaging in flexible and ingenious activities. This is why we are proud that we are able to address various environmental problems in a flexible and ingenious way.
Even now, when people’s awareness of the environment has been heightened, we can really feel that our philosophy at the institute is as significant as it was when it was established, and that our work has become more and more important.
We ask you to kindly keep on supporting us in the realization of “building an environment where people can coexist with nature.”

Makoto Takaya, Director

JIES’s Profile

Company Name Japan Environmental Science Laboratory
Director Makoto Takaya
Location 5-25-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-0033
contact TEL :03-3813-0919 (representative) FAX :03-3813-0935
e-mail bio@nihon-kankyo.com